The Hardest Challenge


A hacker is someone who can understand technology on such a deep level that they can make it serve whatever purpose they require or that satisfies their curiosity. Free a device from proprietary code, gain root despite the vendor trying to lock down device or just run Doom on an ATM. This bonus challenge honors the combined effort of one team over multiple hours to truly prove their worth by solving one of the hardest problems in computer science: Getting the Infodesk printer to print the CTF signs.



Challenge Category Value Time
Hacker Protocols misc 10
Sitting duck reversing 50
Slicer reversing 484
TextIt misc 50
KonradVC reversing 500
Flag checker crypto 329
Hopping machine reversing 490
Misguided reversing 490
PRP crypto 494
Token crypto 497
Easy zwiebel (PWN Edition) pwn 500
Puzzle 1.5 misc 500
Pixels crypto 500
Cereal reversing 470
Carbonara reversing 500
TokenV2 crypto 500
Easy zwiebel reversing 500
A log in the stack pwn 500